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Can Stomach Massage for Weight Loss Work?

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Stomach Massage for Weight Loss

The belly is one of the most difficult locations in the body to lose fat.

According to studies, this is due to the presence of visceral fat surrounding the organs in the lower abdomen.

Many people believe stomach massage can help them lose weight. Abdominal massages are a non-invasive, gentle treatment that delivers therapeutic and soothing effects.

Bloating and constipation are treated with them. They can be done by yourself or by a professional masseur.

This essay will demonstrate whether stomach massage for weight loss is effective.

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Can massaging your stomach help you lose weight?

Massage therapy has been shown in studies to help people lose weight, but it won’t help you lose weight on its own.

Massages might also make it easier for you to keep to a diet and exercise routine. Massage therapy, according to experts, is beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Aromatherapy massage has been shown in studies to reduce abdominal subcutaneous fat and waist circumference in postmenopausal women.

It’s possible that stomach massage can help you lose weight. Swedish massage, according to massage therapists, is the best treatment for weight loss.

Swedish massage improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

According to a 2009 Reuters story, there is a Chinese stomach massage for weight loss. Stomach massage is thought to promote weight loss by suppressing hunger and lowering insulin levels.

According to the paper, the technique takes much longer to promote weight loss than traditional weight management measures such as exercise.

Lymphatic drainage massage is another popular stomach massage for weight loss. It helps shift fluid and discharge excess lymph by using mild strokes.

According to a study, French women employ lymphatic drainage to reduce abdominal obesity. This massage, which includes stomach massage, is sometimes used to aid weight loss. The reduction, however, was only about 2mm.

People also assume that using a belly fat massage machine may assist them in losing weight. Ab vibration devices can assist in toning your abs, but they don’t target belly fat reduction.

While stomach massage does not help with weight loss, it does provide the following advantages:


Massage helps to relax the muscles in the stomach, which aids digestion and relieves constipation.

The effects of stomach massage on constipation after surgery were studied in a study. According to the study, people who received abdominal massage had fewer constipation symptoms, more bowel movements, and shorter times between bowel movements.

Constipation stomach massage focuses on the following positions on the belly:

Two finger widths below the abdominal button is CV6.

CV12 is located midway between the belly button and the rib cage in the center of your torso.


In a 2018 study, the benefits of stomach massage on the digestion of people who have an endotracheal tube were investigated.

According to the study, people who got a 15-minute abdominal massage twice a day improved their symptoms more than those who didn’t get stomach massages.

The group who received stomach massages had less stomach fluid, less bloating, and less constipation.

Stomach Massage for Weight Loss


According to a study, stomach massage can aid with bloating. Excess fluid accumulated in the stomach cavities of the participants in this study, which is common among cancer patients undergoing treatment.

Bloating was reduced in people who received 15-minute stomach massages twice a day for three days.

According to the study, depression and anxiety symptoms were also reduced.


An abdominal massage can help relieve period cramps, according to a 2005 study.

Women who had a five-minute massage every day for six days before their menstruation experienced less pain than those who did not.

Because just 85 women were investigated, the study’s limitations were More research is needed to validate how stomach massages affect menstrual cramps.

Stomach Massage for Weight Loss

Other advantages of tummy massage include:

  1. Massages to the stomach can help you sleep better.
  2. Muscle pain is lessened.
  3. Reduced anxiety and stress.
  4. The range of motion has been improved.
  5. Reduced back pain.

They must, however, be used in conjunction with an established weight-loss program that includes exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Can wrapping your stomach help you lose belly fat?

There are numerous claims that wrapping your stomach will help you shed belly fat. The majority of the evidence in favor of those claims is anecdotal in nature.

Neoprene wraps, which are plastic wraps that you wrap around your midriff, are commonly used. These wraps claim to aid weight loss by raising your core temperature.

You may lose weight as a result of this because you lose water weight. Dehydration and hyperthermia are also risks with neoprene coverings.

Other types of wraps that people use are heat wraps, which involve applying a heat treatment to your skin before wrapping your body in plastic.

Slimming wraps that use lotions or herbal ingredients, infrared body wraps, and detox wraps are also available.

The wraps are supposed to help with skin smoothing, cellulite reduction, and inch loss. However, these effects are transient.

If you decide to try a wrap, make sure the products they recommend are suitable for your skin.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of water.

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The fat present around organs is known as visceral fat. Visceral fat has been linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease in studies. The use of stomach massage for weight loss is ineffective.

As opposed to adipose tissue, which is fat beneath the skin, this fat is typically difficult to get rid of.

The methods listed below have been scientifically proven to help you lose abdominal fat.

1. Eat more healthily

Increased soluble fiber in your diet has been shown to help you lose weight by reducing your appetite and keeping you fuller for longer.

Over a five-year period, 1,100 adults who added 10 grams of soluble fiber to their diets saw a 3.7 percent decrease in belly fat growth.

Trans fats should be avoided at all costs.

Don’t overindulge in alcoholic beverages. Overconsumption of alcohol, according to studies, leads to increased fat buildup around the waist.

Increase your intake of protein-rich foods. Protein has been shown in studies to help you increase your metabolic rate and maintain muscle growth.

Reduce your intake of processed carbohydrates. People at risk of type 2 diabetes and women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) lost belly fat on low-carb diets, according to studies.

Replace cooking fat with extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil if possible.

Sugary drinks, such as soda, should be used in moderation.


According to research, high amounts of cortisol are linked to high levels of stress. This causes an increase in hunger as well as belly fat.

To relieve tension, try yoga, deep breathing, and taking long walks.

Stomach Massage for Weight Loss


Cardio activities are the most effective way to get in shape. Cardio exercises like HIIT or LISS have been shown in studies to help grow muscle mass and burn fat for energy.


Combining aerobic and resistance training, such as weight lifting, helps lower visceral fat, according to the study.

Stomach Massage for Weight Loss


Intermittent fasting has been shown in studies to reduce belly fat by up to 7% in a 24-week timeframe.


In the long run, stomach massage for weight loss can be beneficial, but it must be combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise.

If you’ve recently undergone abdominal surgery or are pregnant, you should avoid stomach massage.

Spice meals should be avoided for a few hours before and after a stomach massage.

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